Money Programme, Filthy Rich and female


Money Programme, Filthy Rich and female

In Brittain are more women millionaires than men in the age bracket, eighteen to forty four at the moment.

The Money Programme, Filthy Rich and female, is about rich women. The red line in the programme is the question: How are these women became so filthy rich?. In the programme are Max Flint and Libby Potter interviewers. And interview a pair of these filthy rich females.

  • Dawn Gibbins, worth £10 million pounds
  • Judy Naake, worth £30 million pounds
  • Judith Wilson, worth £75 million pounds
  • Nicola Horlick, worth £20 million pounds

They have identified seven key areas

  1. Beat the boys at their own game
  2. Break through the glass ceiling
  3. Inherit a fortune
  4. Start your own business
  5. Work harder than men
  6. Divorce a rich men
  7. Buy property

Dawn Gibbons:

  • Worth 10 million pounds
  • Industrial flooring
  • Awards won:
    • MBA (says Max)
    • MBE (subtitle)
    • Veuve Cliquot Businesswoman of the year
  • Editors loved her orange coat. So she was published in many papers.
  • Company name: Flowcrete
  • Offices in twenty-two countries
  • And make the flooring in seven countries
  • Father:
    • Industrial chemist
    • Inventor
    • Approached Mars Bar>design sugar-resistant floor and will sell the formulation for £3000 pounds.
  • Dawn’s mother thought it was stupid and said: set up in business with Dawn. The company turns over twenty-five million pounds.
  • The company started in 1982
    • Then there was technical prejudice. Architects don’t think a woman can’t answer on technical questions/queries.
  • Approach to the working environment is different. She follows an Eastern philosophies of Feng Shui for enhance the factory environment:
    • Painting the floor blue
    • Team spirit
    • Sense of well-being
  • Warehouse, woman in to work
    • Less blokey
    • More attractive

Answer: make it:

  • More colourful
  • Great atmosphere
  • Have team events
  • Listen to the people
  • Dawn’s approach improve
    • Morale
    • Productivity
    • Profits
  • How significant is rise of the female entrepreneur like Dawn in the overall rich stakes?


  • It’s not just in the industrial world but in the cities too.
  • How significant is rise of the female entrepreneur like Dawn in the overall rich stakes? (view of Philip Beresford)


  • In five to ten years’ time will the glass ceiling be shattered


An event in London is evidence that women are breaking the infamous glass ceiling

Hostess of the super-rich shindig is Nicola Horlick

Nicola Horlick:

  • Hostess of the shindig
  • Tempted hundreds of the UK’s wealthiest women for the shindig
  • Financial services for rich women
  • Worth £20 million pounds
  • Nicola Horlick the reason that sixty percentage of the women will control the nation’s wealth is
    • Women do live longer than men
    • There are a lot of divorces
    • More professional women
    • Female entrepeneurs
  • Miss Horlick her grand plan is:


Why is Dawn Gibbons in London at the event about women breaking the glass ceiling?



What is the main reason Nicola set up here new venture?



  • Nicola Horlick came first to public attention as head of Morgen Grenfell Asset Management
    • She stood up to her bosses who were trying to sack her
      • Nicola Horlick:
        • Breaking the glass ceiling
        • Earning big bucks
        • Superwoman
          • High powered city job
          • Raising family of five children
        • Latest venture were wealthy women


What are the ways in which Nicola thinks things have improved for the fairer sex?

Answer: the feeling amongst women


  • Women who make progress In the city
    • Hedge-fund boss Elena Ambrosiadou £15,9 million pounds profits
    • Baroness Sarah Hogg, earns £220.000 pounds
    • Female chief executieve: Marjorie Scardino, earned £1,5 million pounds
  • Top three inheritors:
    • Lily Safra who was left £650 million pounds by her husband
    • Charlene de Carvalho, the daughter of Freddy Heineken, he had left £2.27 billion pounds.
    • Kirstin Rausing, who was left over £2.5 billion pounds by her dad, a co-founder of Tetra Pak


  • JoJo maman bebe:
    • Founder: Laura Tennison
      • Worth 5 million pounds
      • Boys she grow up with who now own companies; she asked them things like
        • Employees names
        • Care about paying minium wage
      • started a small mail order company
      • has grown
      • to include a chain of shops
    • women are changing and challenging results
      • they break the old male preserves
      • creating new business opportunities

Judy Naake

  • bottle tans, ten years ago
  • sell every ten seconds St. Tropez tanning lotion
  • worth £30 million pounds
  • because she was the only one in the beginning, there was much work to do so it was quite tough for Judy Naake
  • works at weekends when she had a little child, named Lloyd
    • female industry, they had children too
  • she was patronised
  • she think women today are more considered equal, but she think that there are still a glass ceiling is.
    • You have to work twice as hard as a man


Philip Beresford thinks that divorce the new hot growth area for women making money is.

Divorce lawyer, Sandra Davis, secured £17 million pounds payout for Prinses Diana.

Judith Wilson

  • Husband Furges
  • Properties Ashford
  • Bought one house, rented out, pay the mortage and did it again
  • Houses in Ashford
    • The international railwaystation came there
    • And the house prices where so much cheaper
    • Now: house prices are shooting through the roof
  • Only bought newly-built houses
    • Full guarantees>ten years
    • No maintenance problems
  • According Fergus she own six-hundred-seventy-five houses in hotel
  • The master plan: buy houses and watch the price go up and up (Ashford up 25 percentage per annum)
  • Doing thing differently to men:
    • Not diversifying, this is her core activity, mostly men would do this
    • She will do the account because she think men do it approximately.


Most successful/popular = set up a business


They are doing things differently and they are doing things on their own therms.


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