Voorbeeld – Tijden

Simple present vs. Present continuous

  • I put money aside because I am going on holiday in August
  • She thinks it is a pity I don’t take more exercise. I am getting
  • The ship that you are watching now, sails for Calais.
  • We are never doing any work in the garden together! Tom is always working on his car!
  • How does Peter like school? Very much. He seems to like the other students.
  • Susan always nags about something.
  • Where are you looking

Simple past vs. past continuous

  • They had turned the bike upside down and were mending the puncture. I asked how long it would take.
  • When I was hearing the doorbell ring, I went to the window and looked out, but I didn’t recognized Nick at first because he was wearing a hat.
  • Whenever the man was beginning drilling, the people in the flat upstairs banged on the floor.
  • When I last saw her she was running along the road looking for a taxi. I asked he where she was going and she muttered ‘Oxford’, but I don’t think she told the truth because she didn’t have any luggage.
  • Why were you disturbing me just now? I had a very interesting discussion with Mr Pitt.

Simple past vs. present perfect

  • When did they leave? They left at 12.00
  • Where is Jack? I have seen him in the street today and he told me that he’d come round this evening.
  • That office block was empty for ages. They have removed the ‘For Sale’ sign, so I suppose a company bought
  • I have written the card but I can’t find the envelope.
  • I didn’t hear from her for two years. I wonder if she moved.
  • Did you bolt the gate before you left?
  • My watch is slow. It isn’t just slow, it stopped.
  • Where did this happened?
  • I read this paper for years?

Present perfect vs. perfect continuous

  • How long have you been smoking? I have been smoking all my adult life.
  • The vacuum cleaner has made a very strange noise ever since we had it repaired.


  • He has been doing his homework since half an hour.


Simple past vs. past perfect

  • He had felt in his pocket for his cigarettes, although his wife hated him smoking, but he didn’t find Then he had searched the car but still found no cigarettes. He wondered where they were. Perhaps he hadn’t bought any this weekend of perhabs his wife had hidden them. Then he remembered where he had left them; he had put them into a drawer to stop the baby finding them.
  • She arrived in Ireland in the middle of September. She had been told that Ireland was wet and foggy in the autumn, so she was quite surprised to find that the sun was shining. She asked a passer-by where she could find a post office and he pointed to the corner but said that it had closed at 15.00. However, he told her that she could walk to Dublin where they stayed open until 18.00. He said that he thought she had looked tired and offered to give her a lift. She declined. She never accepted a lift from a stranger.

Future perfect vs. future perfect continuous

  • At the rate he is going he will have decorated the whole house by Tuesday.
  • He’ll still be here next year but Jane will have left.

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